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General Questions

We are a “fused glass” studio. This means we do not do any stained glass or blown glass; what we make is a little unusual, though you may have seen it before.
Although our glass projects will all eventually be fired in a kiln to melt (“fuse”) everything permanently together, they are all built on a tabletop, at room-temperature, with our hands. Because no hot kilns are involved during the actual construction, this means that our art is all-age-appropriate!
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Walk-In projects
Custom Projects

Making Projects

YOU can! Because broken glass can be sharp, we only ask that children under 8 have adult supervision. We do have several construction options available that do not involve any sharp edges at all. One of our instructors will cover the safety basics with you before you begin your projects.
We have all sort of projects suitable for any first-timer (or return-timer!) in all sorts of sizes and shapes to chose from; from little 1-inch tiles that can be made into pendants and magnets, to 4-6 -inch jewelry or soap dishes, big 7-inch bowls, and MORE! All are built on a blank “canvas” piece of clear glass, and you build your decoration in colored glass on top. You make your project choice, we’ll give you some quick instruction, and turn you and your imagination loose!
Walk-In projects will range from $6 to $50, depending on the project you chose. This price includes EVERYTHING, all your toppings and the firing are already included. Occasionally, we offer special Guided Projects, which are a bit bigger and fancier than the every-day Walk-In options, and will typically be in the $65 – $70 range. If you decide fusing is your next big thing, come take a Basics 1 – Intro to Fusing class with us! This one-day, three-hour, $100 class will teach you all you need to know to have the freedom to make your own artwork your own way in open studio. Open studio is FREE! We only charge for the space your pieces use in a kiln, and any glass/materials you might buy here.
We find most people spend about an hour-and-a-half on their designs, but there is NO time limit! Finished projects are ready for pick-up in one week.
Come on down to 135 N. 2nd Street in Eagle, Idaho, and pick a Walk-In project! Availability is All-Day, Every-Day! If you have a group of 4 or more, give us a heads-up at (208) 938-1055, so we can have a table and tools all ready to go when you get here. For those of you looking to take the Basics 1 – Intro to Fusing class, details on upcoming classes can be found on the Basics Series page, as well as at-a-glance on the Calendar.

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