Come join us to make the following plates!

Classes are held on Tuesday nights. Guided projects are a little more advanced than walk-in projects, so they are conducted like a class in which the participants are shown step-by-step how to make the project. We supply the ideas and materials for a stress-free, fun evening!

If you see a project you would like to do, but can’t make the time when it is offered, please call or e-mail.  We are always happy to help you make any of our projects!



Lemonade Dish

June 2-8 7-8:30pm


Picnic Plate

June 9-15 7-8:30pm


Fibonacci Plate

June 16-22 7-8:30pm


Flag Wave

June 23-29 7-8:30pm


Vitrigraph Drawing

June 30-July 6 7-8:30pm


Christmas Tree Ornaments

July 7-13 7-8:30pm


Spoon Rest

July 14-20 7-8:30pm


Christmas Diamond Ornaments

July 21-27 7-8:30pm


Cupcake Plate

July 28-Aug-3 7-8:30pm


Coral Bowl

Aug 4-10 7-8:30pm


Iridescent Autumn Lattice

Aug 11-17 7-8:30pm


Fall Votive

Aug 18-24 7-8:30pm