We offer beginning to advanced classes in various kiln glass techniques. Click on these links to open each class’s description.

Glass Fusing Basics I
Glass Fusing Basics I is where it all begins! This class is an introduction to fused glass and is a prerequisite for participating in our open studio time. During the class you create a 7×7 dish while you learn all about glass – how to cut, shape and lay up your glass ready to be fired; how to choose the kiln firing schedule to achieve the look you desire; and how the glass itself reacts to having fuse temperature heat applied to it. After this class, you can participate in our open studio time or continue on to other classes at Fusions Glass Studio.

$100 One Session – 3 Hours

Glass Fusing Basics II
ReactiveBowlreactive01Glass Fusing Basics II will enhance your understanding of glass fusing concepts. During the class you will gain a better understanding of how Bullseye glass is made, tested, and priced. You will learn why and how some colors react with each other and how to use these reactions to create interesting results. You will explore the use of metal inclusions in glass. You will learn to control or use the 6mm volume control rule to create interesting results. You will learn to easily cut smooth, consistent circles and you will create a 9″ round bowl and 3 sample tiles using the concepts you learned.

$100 One Session – 3 Hours

Glass Fusing Basics III
Glass Fusing Basics III is an introduction to working with glass powders. Using brushes, tools, stencils and found items, you will learn the basics of applying and manipulating glass powders into shapes and patterns. During the class, you will create 2 tiles, each 6×6

$100 One Session – 3 Hours

Glass Fusing Basics IV

Glass Fusing Basics IV is an introduction to working with fiber paper to create shapes and textures into glass. You will learn to manipulate various thicknesses of fiber paper to create different textures and basrelief in the glass. You will also learn how to make a pocket vase using fiber paper. You will make a 6×8 tile and a pocket vase during the class.

$100 One Session – 3 Hours

Glass Fusing Basics V
Glass Fusing Basics V Class focuses on taking the glass thicker than the 1/4″ the glass wants to be when fired. You will learn to dam the glass to contain the flow as the glass is fired, and you will learn to cold work the edges of your glass after firing. During class, you will create an 8×8 dish that is 1/2″ thick. On the second day of class, you will learn to cold work the edges of your glass to be ready to slump into a dish and leave nice flat and polished edges.

$150 2 Sessions – Session 1 is 4 hours, Session 2 is 2 hours


Make three fantastic pendants that you will be proud to wear.
Several techniques will be demonstrated from which to chose your designs.

$75 One Session – 1 1/2 Hours

Wire Wrapping

Learn to wire wrap your own fantastic pendants!

$75 One Session – 2 Hours

Mold Making

Make one Frit Mold and one Texture Plate.

$100 One Session – 3+ Hours

Pattern Plate Mold

Drop Out Vessels

Make one 3-inch bowl and one 5-inch bowl.

$150 Two Days


Crackle Effects

Make two 7×7 Crackle Tiles.

$100 2 1/2 Hours



Learn three mask techniques and experiment with iridescent effects. You’ll make six coasters in this class.

$100 One Session – 2 1/2 Hours

Glass Casting

Make a block model
Use creative materials
Pour a plaster mold
Use glass billets
Coldwork edges
Make one thick casting

$300 – 3 Days

Glass Combing

Color Reactions
Tile saw use
Make one 38mm thick 12×7″ piece

$280 – 3 Days

Powder Patterns

Create your own designs
Make six large pattern sheets
Build two final projects

$250 – 3 Days

Pate de Verre

“Paste of Glass”
Make pate de verre molds
Tint frits
Pack, fire, and divest molds

$300 – 2 Days


Pattern Bars

Fuse pattern bars
Cut apart
Refuse into new patterns

$160 – 2 Days

Screen Printing

Print using powders
Learn screen printing
Make several printed tiles
One final project

$300 – 3 Days

If you’d like to take a particular class, please let us know and we’ll add it to our schedule. We are always willing to schedule a class for 3 or more people!

Once you have taken our Glass Fusing Basics I class, you are able to participate in our open studio time where you can use the studio and facilities and put your knowledge to work and create beautiful glass art.The Glass Fusing Basics Series (Glass Fusing Basics II though V) do not have to be taken in order. You must take Glass Fusing Basics I first (or have equivalent experience) but can then take the other four in any order.

If you would simply like to create a project without participating in classes, please visit the Walk-In project page.  Kiln Firing, Glass Cutting, and Edge Finishing are also taught by appointment.